Back to Basics: Consent

2017 Life.Love. Game Design Challenge

Jennifer Ann's Group is proud to announce its 10th annual video game design challenge. Since 2008 we have been challenging game designers to create serious video games about teen dating violence. Through our annual competition, game designers from around the world win cash prizes and have their games featured by Jennifer Ann's Group, a nonprofit charity using games and technology to prevent abusive dating relationships.


Back to Basics: Consent

The purpose of this year's video game design challenge is a bit different: there's a need to go "back to basics" - and so we're challenging you to create a serious video game demonstrating consent. Your game will demonstrate consent and help to foster an appreciation of its importance in society. We believe video games are the most effective tool for exploring complex issues and the winning game will help others better understand consent.


Back to Basics: Consent

BIG Money! BIG Prizes!

  • Winning video game featured on
  • $10,000 college scholarship (or equivalent)
  • Critique from industry experts
  • Media coverage
  • Presentation of game at conferences

10th Annual Life.Love. Game Design Challenge

Presented by Jennifer Ann's Group, a nonprofit charity preventing teen dating violence.

About Consent

Definitions, examples, and other resources to help you understand consent and to aid you in your quest to design a video game about consent.

Contest Process

Details on the 10th Annual Life.Love. Game Design Challenge. Hint: We've changed things this year so pay attention to this year's contest process!


You want prizes? We've got em - cash prizes - helpful critique of your video game submission by industry experts - and more!


As always we will have thought leaders and subject matter experts judging the video game entries. Some judges are experts on video game design and some are experts on adolescent dating abuse.


Do you have questions? If they are of the "frequently asked" variety you'll find the answers on our FAQ page.


The official rules for the 2017 Life.Love. Game Design Challenge.

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    Registration was due by March 15, 2017.

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The finalists have until June 1, 2017 to submit their Consent Game entries.