How the Contest Works

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2017 Life.Love. Game Design Challenge

Round One: Deadline February 28 March 15, 2017

This year we are changing the contest in order to encourage greater participation. Round One will consist of submitting a proposed game narrative. This game narrative will entail answering the questions (see below) on our Round One game registration form. You do not need to be a developer or designer in order to become a finalist - you just need to have a clever idea that you believe would translate well into a compelling video game about the issue of consent!

Finalists will be selected based on the submitted responses to the questions on the Round One game registration form. Although the number of finalists will depend on the quanitity and quality of these proposed game narratives our current plan is to limit participation in Round Two of the contest to TEN FINALISTS.

Persuasive Games: Helpful Resources
The following information might be helpful in creating your proposed game narrative:

Round One Questions: (Note: you will have the opportunity to answer these when registering).
You are pitching an idea for a persuasive game which will: help players understand consent; value consent; and seek to avoid non-consensual behavior. Although the context for consent here involves dating or sexual relationships your game does not need to be limited to this context as long as it effectively conveys what is meant by the concept of consent as discussed on the contest website.

  • Q1: What is the title of your consent game?
  • Q2: Briefly (100 - 150 words) explain how your game will use graphics and sound to engage, reward, and persuade players.
  • Q3: Briefly (100 - 150 words) explain how your game will effectively use narrative and game mechanics.
  • Q4: Briefly (100 - 150 words) explain how your game will effectively use social and emotional persuasion.

Round Two: Deadline June 1, 2017

Finalists will be notified in March that their proposed game narrative has been selected to move on to Round Two of the contest. Round Two will begin in March and Finalists will have until June 1st to design and develop their video game about consent. The finished video games will then be reviewed and scored to determine the final winners.

Details regarding technical requirements, final judging guidelines, and any other pertinent information will be distributed to the Finalists. In addition to THREE winners, one non-winning Finalist will be randomly selected to receive the DOOR PRIZE.